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unintelligent quiz

Sorry about the bad news. For the record, you are:
37% Un-telligent!
which is significantly lower than the current average of 60%

tee hee...
I had great fun visiting my daily reads and getting caught up on fun quizzes, can you tell?? smile

"Interesting. While the subject shows a very high level of intelligence, her sense of observation is abnormally below average. We attribute this to the egotistical nature of the subject. Actually, rats behave in the same manner, but she’s smarter than any animal.

"Also, as much as we hate violence, an occasional mauling is one way to solve day-to-day problems like unpleasant coworkers or pesky door-to-door salesmen; she just isn’t tough enough, sir, and she avoids any solution that involves violence.

"Finally, the subject displayed a poor (and a little bit boring) sense of humor, a godlike (and annoying) sense of morality, and a hot shot self-confidence. The balance of these three traits is important; high levels of confidence, medium levels of morality, and a good level of humor make for the strongest individuals."


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So I went and it turns out I’m 55% un-intelligent. So un-intelligent that I had forgotten to turn my firewall back on (I have to turn it off or it interferes with MT rebuilds) and when I went to that site, a gambling application installed itself on my computer. sad I had to do some serious digging to discover that it was installed in my Windows/System32 folder.

Just a word to the wise...buy an antivirus program that has an Internet firewall, advertisers are becoming more and more unscrupulous. sad