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Oh man. The server I’m on was hacked. You can read more about it at Christine. I’m trying to find all my index files, as a TON of my sites are screwed up at the moment. Blech.

Thanks to Marie for the heads up!

Okay, if you are on the same server as me, you’ll want to check all of your index files, even in subdirectories. I think I got most of mine replaced, but if I hadn’t been making changes for a bit of the evening to site pages, I probably have had blogomania restore my files from the last backup. I see severals sites that are affected. If I was a bit more awake, I’d send out some emails, but I think I’m gonna go to bed because this didn’t happen until after 11PM my time!


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frickin A. A whole pile of my index pages are blown up. Like half of the pages on my love-productions domain, and all the sections of kadyellebee (fonts, soaps, etc.) Ack!!!

sad Best of luck in the recovery. I agree, Hackers suck...


Oh for pete’s sake. I’ve spent the morning fixing everybody else (just commenting on an MT site will rebuild the index and solve the problem), but I didn’t realize I had to worry about my subdirectories, too. And I don’t even have the backups on this computer...grr.

I’m glad you got things sorted out. I don’t understand the mentality it takes to want to rip up someone else’s site. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

This, in conjunction with the hackers deleting some of Jason’s stuff, has me backing up my files very very frequently.

I hope they’re able to track down whoever did it. confused

I saw that last night. I came here for my daily blog visit and there was some odd page that popped up. My first thought...somebody was hacked. That is so terrible. I am glad things are getting fixed though. Have a great day!

I’m sorry that happened. Good luck with fixing things. star

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