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Some mornings, I wake up inspired with a design. I know I should be sleeping, but every time I kinda woke up, I was thinking about it. smile Isn’t it funny how that works? wink


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oh, and the birds are singing outside my window and its just the right amount of noise - I can hear the traffic, but just starting to get busy, and I love this time of the morning.
But I’m going back to bed. I’ll ponder why IE doesn’t look like the nice boxes in Netscape I created! Silly box model, IE needs to get with the program wink
flower cherries candle bug lollypop :music:
Happy morning, all!

I don’t wake up with designs...they usually stop me from going to sleep...sometimes they are so persistant that I have to get up and have a little play, so the picturesin my head will go away...

*kicks ie for good measure*

I’ve been up a while myself, but that’s because I like to hit the laundry room while all the sane people are asleep. laughing I’m looking forward to seeing whatever designs you’re playing with over there. I’ll give IE a good kick for you as well. I’ve begun to seriously hate IE.

I think during sleep or when you’re trying to sleep is perfect designing time. ;) That’s when my current design became clear to me. It’s like... the time when your mind finally quits worrying about everything, and you’re starting to drift off... that’s when you can do your creative thinking unhindered. ;)


When inspiration hits, you have to take advantage of it. wink

me too. drives kevin batty! laughing

Hi there! I was just doing a search on one of my favourite celebrities, Kelly Ripa, and ended up spending some time reading your journal entries. I have enjoyed what I’ve read so far, and I’m extremely impressed with your journal’s layout and design. I, too, love the colour purple and have a thing for celebrity gossip. Anyway, just thought I’d stop by and say hi. Oh, and I love listening to that Del Amitri CD. It’s great to sing to on a road trip.:music: Have a great day! smile

At 5:37am?! That is funny. You’re crazy! luvya

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