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X in the media

X marks what’s hot Atlanta Journal Constitution

All these X’s are getting X-cessive.
So what’s with all the X-citement?
Clearly X is meant to X-press a code for young, cool and X-treme, sometimes signifying rebellion or danger.

Okay, so I noticed this article because it mentioned Xander being in Buffy and in XXX. But then it was actually kinda interesting to see how many X’s are around these days! smile


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X does seem to be the mark of hipness lately. I think the renaming of Extended Play to X-Play on TechTV was what really made me notice the X craze. I’m a fan of the original X girl, Xena. laughing

I read that article today too. I never realized exactly how many things were X. They’re reasoning was an interesting take on it. It kind of made sense. smile

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