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The Rosetta Stone of Our Fandom:

"I donít think any other television show has been as productive at bringing new words into the language as Buffy the Vampire Slayer," explains Adams. "Seinfeld has the classic, 'Yadda yadda yadda,' which we identify so much with that show, but it was already in common usage before that."

"[Buffy the Vampire Slayer] is a type of literature. Buffy is a text that people care about. The language used in the show is eloquent, it expresses things very precisely."

I’ve been using buffy-words in my everyday language for years now, and its really cool to see this author recognizing it. smile So its for sure that I’ll be checking out when it comes out! Reading peoples analyses of Buffy is almost as much fun as watching the show :giggle:


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i would only buy official books (like all the Watcher ones and various others) but i’ve been venturing out and buying ones that fans have written. thanks for the rec! i will definitely buy it. i have been finding myself blogging the Buffy-speak and finding myself speaking that way, too. we’re just cool like that.

Farscape has done this to some extent, as well - I knew guys at school who would extensively use Farscape lingo. It didn’t get that bad for me, although I nearly said "arn" and "microut" (sp?) a couple of times there.

I agree, Kathy, we are just cool like that :giggle:

And A, I’ve noticed this too. When people start using "frilling" on their blog, you know they are a Farscape watcher smile

LOL!! This is so funny, because I was chatting with my friend Kare this morning, and said something about a guy being "action-y." She started cracking up entirely, and later tried it herself. But I do use a lot of Buffy-speak in my language, written and oral. It’s all pretty deeply embedded by this point. LOL I can’t wait to check out Slayer Slang.

(What’s totally silly is when, for example, West Wing/Buffy/nsync compete in my vocab. You get things like, "The empirical data regarding the bicameralistic state is much with the good, yo." Not pretty.)

How do you do that nifty popup thing? Is that the MT-Amazon plugin?

Uh, not to be picky or anything, but I do believe that it’s "frelling".... ;)

Yes, zuly, its the Amazon plugin and the macros plugin... I’ll try to write up a tutorial one of these days soon smile

I guess that goes to show that I am only a watcher of the show not a reader of anything Farscape-related. LOL! smile

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