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short little note

Yesterday was just wonderful. I spent a bunch of the day out with Megan. Dad joined us for lunch at our OSF, and then Meg and me followed up with some colstone ice cream for desert—they had a birthday party combo on their menu, and it was yummy!

And then we ended up making Fried Chicken Soup (recipe to come later) and having Leonard and Sarah over to enjoy it with us. Mom and dad stopped over and said hi at one point, too. And we had PIE!

Today is Sarah’s baby shower, so I’m behind on my getting ready and stuff already!


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Wow, fried chicken soupconfused I’ve never heard of that before! Please do post the recipe when you get a chance. Fried chicken is one of my ultimate favorite foods!!! smile Hope you have fun at the shower today. Tell us all about it! We *loved* the Cold Stone Creamery when we went to Phoenix, AZ and sampled some ... mmm! heart Talk about scrumptious. I could definitely use some right now. We have an ice cream shop in one of our malls that’s like them, but I don’t know how their ice cream tastes. Take care! rainbow

::sniffle:: I miss Cold Stone. They don’t have 'em in MI. I used to love a Sweet Cream and Brownie in a waffle cone. mmmm mmmmm smile

Glad you had a nice day... and PIE. ;)

Mmmm! Cold Stone! M - another reason to move here! ;) Have a great time at the baby shower. *hugs* heart

Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry, I forgot, but I’m glad you had a wonderful birthday!

I’m happy to hear that you had such a wonderful birthday! I second the request for a fried chicken soup recipe. laughing That sounds tasty!

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