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Constant activity is exhausting to my poor body and brain. My dad came before my nap this morning. I wasn’t too stressed, so that was good, but he didn’t leave until noon. Then E came home for lunch. He left and then Lisa called and said she wanted to come and finish cleaning. So she was here from 1:00 to 3:30. The maintenance guys have been in and out of the garage since about 11 and just left now.

So much for walking or cooking, I’m just pooped! And the truth of the matter is that I told myself that I needed to rest today if I was gonna go out tomorrow for my birthday. I think that I’ll have to tell Megan that we’ll need to do a bit reduced version of her plans for me tomorrow. Maybe a movie IN instead of out, because I’m so sore that sitting in a theater for 2 hours would really do me in. Maybe I can convince her that she needs to cook here for dinner and then E can share in the fun too. I’ve been wanting Fried Chicken Soup for a while, maybe that’s a good solution. But I hate to change our plans, ya know?

Luckily, while Lisa cleaned, I got some things done. mt-plugins has most of its updates done, and questions answered. I made it through a bit of my email. And of course, my house is clean now (which has a side benefit of a few more dollars off of Lisa’s balance with me from the car!!!)

I think I’m gonna go rest on the couch until E comes home. I don’t have anything planned for dinner AGAIN. This week just has been non-condusive to cooking. I was thinking about having Lasagna, but all the cheese is gone, so that’s a no go because I didn’t plan it soon enough. Hmmm, maybe Special K Loaf would be doable. That would use up some of the cottage cheese I have. Nope, I don’t have all the ingredients, shoot. But hey, Fried Chicken Soup recipe is on the other side! Woo, I hadn’t been able to find the recipe for a while smile Oh well, we’ll have frozen pizzas or something for dinner. resting on the couch is probably a better idea anyhow!


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You definitely need to take it easy today so you have some energy for celebrating tomorrow! flower

I just can’t wait to wish you a Happy Birthday - so read this again tomorrow! laughing Happy Birthday Kristine - you’re fabulous!

Because it is here...and because I won’t be around tomorrow...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOOOOOOU! Hope you have a fabulous, feel-great day tomorrow dahling!

candle I just wanted to say Happy Birthday also. Have a wonderful day with lots of love, laughter and fun! blushbugbutterflycherrieslollypopcandle

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!! laughing

Special K Loaf sounds kind of yummy. Would you happen to have the recipe handy? ;)

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