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themes for buffy

`Buffy' finale should be a kick if it serves show’s four themes

Vampires, hellgods, snake demons - I’ve watched Buffy battle them all. But they weren’t as scary as the knowledge that, very soon, I will no longer have an excuse to put life on hold every Tuesday night.

Me too, me too! sad But this article was great, had a nice overview of the 4 themes the author feels need to be a part of the finale. I agree smile


Not related but I loved seeing Boys on the Radio on your playlist smile being the huge Hole fan I am smile

I’m looking forward to the new episodes, but I’ll miss her when she goes. tv

That was a great article, and I also completely agree with it. Sadly, every time I’ve ever thought that Joss should do something, he always does the exact opposite. confused I guess that’s what makes him a good writer, eh? wink