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Happy thoughts

I haven’t been very bloggy lately. But I’ve sure been thinking of my blog-friends a bunch lately smile Here’s some news from around my corner of the web. Maybe you’ll find somebody new to read or something you’ve missed in the last week or so...


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» surgery?! from webgrrlie
yep, that's what i said - surgery. monday morning at 10:30am, i will be checking into georgetown university medical center [Read More]


{{{hugs}}} back to you chickie. smile

Red Robin is quickly becoming one of my favorite places too. I had the Fish Burger. I think next time I may try the cheeseburger with a Boca.

Yeah, I know... I’m a wild and crazy girl. ;)

Thank you! And I made pizza, too! From scratch!

you missed my groovy news: i broke my pinkie toe and i’m having surgery on monday sad

I wish we had Red Robin here—I’d never heard of them 'til you blogged about them. I’d visit just for the name. (And of course, change the i’s to y’s on all their menus.) wink

Mmm, Red Robin. *hugs from Peri and me* luvya

We had pizza last night too (from Romano’s - best pizza in Housotn). And if you want to mention my CD exchange, I’d appreciate it. wink

*G* Seems like pizza was the thing this weekend! ha ha! Hugs backatya babe! luvya

its a terrible thing when you try to make the family happy only to be disaponted.well, i’ll keep on smiling reguardless.