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weekly wrap up

I was gonna do the Friday Five, but didn’t have good answer for it, and the Weekly Wrap up looked like much more fun smile
Weekly Wrap-Up #51 - Planes, Trains & Automobiles

  1. What’s your favorite method of travel? Why?
    I like flying because its fast and leaves more time for the actual trip.

  2. What’s the longest road trip you’ve ever taken? Where?
    Back and forth from Michigan to Washington. More times than I can count. Hmm, I’m not sure if from Washington to Edmonton Alberta is further than that? That’s the other biggie (twice).

  3. How many plane trips have you taken in your life?
    More than I can count. First was when I was 8 - our family went to England/Scotland for 2 weeks. I’ve flown back and forth from here to Michigan quite a few times. in 2000, my whole family and E flew to Florida. Been back and forth to California to E’s family’s house at least 10 times now, I’d guess. I went on two different trips with two different friends to NYC a few weeks apart. A quicky weekend trip from here to Boise during E’s senior year where I met him and some friends for the weekend. I’m probably missing some, but that’s some of the list smile

  4. What method of travel do you fear so much or intensely dislike that you avoid it? Why?
    Bus. Even for short periods of time. Daily public transportation when I was in high school caused that. As did several music tours and mission trips.

  5. Describe the worst travel experience you’ve ever had.
    Besides the bus problems, the worst single experience was the train ride to Michigan one Christmas. Not only did I really not want to be on a train with my whole family for 2 1/2 days, there was this really obnoxious guy sitting in front of us and he moved his seat back and forth and back and forth for hours. And it bumped my cards and stuff from my tray every time he did it. And it bumped my feet while I was sleeping. It was completely obnoxious!!!


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