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i heart css

I’ve been using the External Links to differentiate between offsite links, but I’d had at least one person say that it was doing weird things in their browser. So I was very excited to find MyDimension’s Mini Icons tutorial today. Its CSS3, so it doesn’t show up in browser that don’t support it, but that’s good because it shouldn’t cause the same problems! And plus, it doesn’t actually change the source of my pages, so it will cut down a teeny bit on page weight.

So yay for CSS. I can’t wait to see what else gets fully implemented next with CSS3 modules.

[see at Web Graphics]


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The way that MyDimension is adding the icons in is identical to the way that the external links tip does it. The only difference is that they don’t use a class. Any problem that was evident with my tip will probably manifest itself with the MyDimension method as well.

true the same problem could manifest, however it is unlikely as browsers that munge the class style, do not support this method of attribute selecting. browsers that do support this method apply the styles right. i can only assume that future versions will apply the styles correctly as well support the attribute selecting.

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