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google and behavior types

This article caught my eye because everyone know I have a fascination with personality types.
A Psychological Explanation Of Why Google Is The Search Leader (the five main "information seeker" personality types)

Dr Livingston suggests there are five major behavior patterns when people search using a search engine and Google provides a solution for each of these five behavior types. ...[he] identified five information seeking behaviors people display when working online and has named them as Discoverers, Readers, Writers, Viewers and Technodoers.

I think I’m a Discoverer, with maybe a bit of Technodoer. This definitely puts me in a place where Google provides for all my search engine needs. The article says that some Technodoers are leaning towards AllTheWeb as an alternative. As far as marketshare, MSN and Yahoo and Overture are other options, but for the most part, I wouldn’t use any of those on a regular basis. If I wanted a search engine with the structure of Yahoo’s directories, I’d go for Open Directory project.
Where the personalities come in for defining which browsers market share:
What draws Discoverers, Writers and Technodoers to Google is the relative completeness of the Google Database. MSN and Yahoo are not exciting locations to operate because you cannot get a full enough picture of the total use of word across the Internet, or such concepts as Googleshare, meaning how much share of the Google database do you have with a particular word or phrase. Incomplete listings like MSN and Yahoo do not provide that sort of comparison and activity.

See, that all makes good sense to me!! Anyhow, this was a very interesting article, I enjoyed the analysis a lot.
[via Techdirt]


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i think i am a viewer and a technodoer. i am also a quick answer finder wanter. blush and google is wonderful for that. i also like having it right in my IE toolbar so i don’t have to type in and load the page.

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