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first browser

The Killer Browser

Newsweek is running their article about what’s happened in the ten years since Marc Andreessen released Mosaic, the first "major" web browser.
It’s been only a decade since the release of Mosaic, the Web application that changed finance, commerce, culture—and the world

Wow, only 10 years? considering that I first got onto Prodigy and then AOL when I was 18, and I’ll be 27 in 11 days, its amazing.

[via Techdirt]


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I think I was younger than 18 when I first got onto Prodigy and I’ll be 32 this year. wink All there was back then was newsgroups and message boards.

I still remember my original prodigy ID though, BNVB10A!

A high-five for Jay - my original ID was BFXT07B! Ah, the days of clunky 8-bit graphics and JUMP links and leaving the service when they started to charge for every e-mail sent. laughing

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