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Tulip skin

Okay, I think I’m done tweaking for the moment smile

If you’d like something new to look at on my site, you are welcome to check out the new Tulip Skin flower

This was my art escape for the week smile


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It’s gorgeous, darling! flower Btw, you’re "Remember me?" isn’t working. sad

It’s just amazing. You are so incredibly talented!

I love this tulip skin! You always make such pretty designs.

Wow, I LOVE it!! You are so amazing with your designs girl!! Sheesh, if only I could have a little of your creativity! prheart

so nice! i really like the green background. you rock. no doubt about it.


If you’re around, I desperately need some CSS help ... my new page seems to choke in the XHTML validator. Heeeeellp. I want to be cool like you!

I’m going trying to con my friend into going to the tulip festival in Mt. Vernon. If I do, I’ll take some pictures just for you. laughing

I can’t get the skin to stick! Hmph. It’s very pretty, though. smile

It’s simply beautiful. flower And it’s my new way to look at your site. Kudos Kristine, it’s great. butterfly

very pretty! and you’re using my favorite color! green! flower

So pretty - happy spring, Kristine!

Ooooh, pretty! Tulips are my favorite flower. smile

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