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random notes

I love it when a new Charmed is on smile

Its so very odd - some days, my ear lobes hurt, for no good reason. I haven’t worn earrings for at least a year because they hurt when I wore them, but today they are sore. Also, when I’ve been exercise more, I notice that my leg bouncing is worse. Kinda weird.

I’ve been working on mt-plugins stuff for hours. Its so nice to get caught up, though!

I feel so random. I haven’t barely visited blogs today, but I did watch some movies. And played at BlogShares for a while.


I guess I’m going to have to investigate BlogShares a bit more today, but I’m not quite sure how to play yet. I keep wanting to start a spreadsheet, because I think that would help, but that might be taking it a bit far... laughing

I played around with BlogShares a bit as well. I’m not so sure it’s something I’ll keep up with, but it’s fun for a bit at least. smile

I’m testing this out with a link in here and an image . "quote"