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garlic breath

Oh man, too much caeser salad gives funky breath!!! My dad makes it from scratch, and always puts WAAAAY more garlic in it that needed! We had steak and cauliflower with cheese sauce and bread and german chocolate cake, and it was all so good....

After several naps this morning, we made it out of the house.

We had a nice time at my parents house—all of us kids were there, and we sat around gabbing for hours. the dogs were all cute, and Sarah is getting all cute and pregnant. Lisa’s already taking advantage of having my car, and didn’t have all the money she promised. Megan loaned me Brokedown Palace because I’ve never seen it (although I already know the music from it is terrific, and I *love* Claire Danes a ton). Matthew got his high-speed internet all set up, and him and Eric played for a while setting things up. It was a great evening. And it was beautiful, too—sunny and blue sky and pretty. sun

I’m watching What Not to Wear, because some how, I just can’t NOT watch it. Its awful, and I can’t believe what a dork Wayne is on the show, but I can’t seem to stop watching. laughing

Happy saturday evening, and I hope your day was as happy as mine! rainbow


Sounds like you had a faboo day! The dinner you all had sounds so scrummy! Especially the German Chocolate cake...Mmm! smile

very good website

I’m glad that you had a nice time! smile

Wondering, where can I find the code for the most posters, etc. ? I feel like I want some new toys in my sidebar. laughing

That sounds like a yummy meal! I’m told that I go overboard on the garlic sometimes too, but I love love love garlic! laughing

I watch What Not to Wear too, but I think I like the fashion experts on the BBC version more than I like the ones on the TLC version.

I do like the show "What Not to Wear," but sometimes they can be *so* brutally critical of people! Wouldn’t you feel so awful and embarrassed if someone signed you up for that show, though? Oh well, I guess if you just think of it as the chance for a free makeover, clothes shopping, and a fun, new look, then it wouldn’t be so bad!

Brokedown Palace, is that the one about her and her friend in prison? Yeah, that’s good, I had seen part of it a while back and just caught the rest of it last weekend. butterfly PS Garlic is Good. crown