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braids and allergies

I’ve been doing good about wearing braids in my hair when I go to sleep, so then my hair isn’t so messy and tangley when I wake up. Since I sleep so much, that’s kinda important. But the last few nights, I forgot. So now its a big mess and even my super duper conditioner isn’t gonna like it!! So don’t mind me while I sit here typing with one hand and detanging with the other wink

This time of the year, things are all beautiful and flowers are coming out, and I love it. But when I open the windows to get fresh air, I tend to get allergy symptoms! Its so weird, as I didn’t notice having allergies as a kid. Then I moved to Walla Walla in the desert for 4 years with college, and when I came back, the springs were more allergy provoking than they had been. Pretty weird!

I took several naps this morning already. Megan stopped to see us on her way home from church. And this afternoon, we are going over to my family’s house to hang out and have dinner later. That should be fun smile


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I have the same problem... when it’s warm and lovely after work, I tend to drive home with the windows open and am pretty sneezy by the time I get home.

The problem with allergies (and I have them too), is that they don’t discriminate. You can get them anytime anyplace, even if you’ve never had them before in your life. Wonderful isn’t it? lol

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