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crazy napping

I made it through the day. And after dinner, I was so worn out that E took me to bed and gave me a back rub. I didn’t realize how much my back hurt until I feel it without the pain now! Of course, going to bed at 7PM without turning off any programs on my computer OR taking my drugs wasn’t gonna be for all night, so now I’m back up. And hot. I think turning DOWN the heat would be a good idea. LOL!

I think I pushed a little too hard this week. I mean, I know I’m supposed to be wearing out my muscles, but I wore out my spirit a bit too. Its okay, next week is a brand new week to live and I don’t have to be quite so hard on myself. You won’t tell if I go backwards by doing less next week, will you? blush

Now for a surf through my blogs and maybe even some news!!


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Take it day by day. And remember that the diagnosis was a stressor on your spirit, too, not just the extra activity. Don’t forget everything you’ve learned about energy envelopes. Next week all you need to do is expand ONE envelope. NOT all of them... just ONE. 10 minutes of exercise. That’s it!

You won’t be going backwards if you end up doing a bit less next week. You’ll just be finding what’s a good balance for you right now, and that will change day to day. I know it’s easy to be hard on yourself or to be disappointed, but I hope you’ll remember to be kind to yourself. You’re in my thoughts as always. heart

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