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sore. sore. sore. sore. But happy friday nonetheless sun A few random notes between other stuff I’m working on!

  • I called Lisa and told her yes on the car.
  • Dad called with work stuff for me to do. working on that.
  • My package from Amazon is "out for delivery" so I should get it sometime today.
  • I’m behind on MT-related stuff, including some mt-plugins stuff that still need to be added, and MT forums I’ve neglected, and my other project of last weekend that I’ve spent virtually no time on.
  • My email is crying because I haven’t touched it barely this week.
  • Did I mention that I’m sore?! But 3 times to the mailbox and 2 times out of the house this week so far would do that to a girl!
  • We did make it out of the house last night, and went to Olive Garden. Yum.
  • I have pictures on my camera of the roses E got me, and I hope to put them up on snap me a pic
  • Spider Solitaire is as addictive as crack once you start it. I can’t seem to stop until I’ve won a game, and then when I win, I want to win again. star


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Just saying hi to my wonderful Kristine-y! I’m glad it’s Friday as well! rainbow luvya lollypop

Oo, I can’t wait to see your roses. I bet they’re beautiful. laughing flower

Happy Friday! You’re one busy girlie there! Can’t wait to see the roses!! wink

Hurray for getting out of the house so much! Good job! It will be worth it flower rainbow smile

Ahhh... that explains why you haven’t answered my e-mail yet! smile But yeah! for all the other things you are doing - I’m so happy for you!

Hoorah for Fridays, roses, getting out of the house and pictures. *hugs*

Know what you mean about Spider Solitaire—my husband and I fight over the computer just to play it! smile

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