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I’m sore. My whole body hurts. but I guess that’s to be expected with 3 days in a row of gonig to the mailbox, and so many times up and down the stairs. And I’m hungry, even though I had a big breakfast and an orange for a snack now. I’m thinking about taking a shower and trying to leave the house with E for dinner. I’m sore, so I’d be slow, but I’m not as dizzy today, so I should be okay to leave the house. I’d *really* like to have Old Spaghetti Factory food, but I was wanting to take Megan there since she hasn’t and she’s out so I can’t find out what she’s doing tonight.

E came home for lunch and I was in bed almost asleep, but he brought me flowers smile And I feel back asleep so we didn’t even get to talk while he was home. Oops. So I’ve missed him today, which is even more of a reason to go to dinner smile

Today has been very unproductive! Couldn’t tell you why, but I’ve done almost nothing!


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yeah for flowers. i am glad that they brightened your day! i hope that you made it to dinner!

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