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I made dinner tonight. Macaroni and cheese and Prune Fill. I need to post the recipe for Prune Fill on theredkitchen because its an old favorite of mine and I hadn’t had it for years and it turned out really good. So that made for a bunch of standing, so I’m sore. Yes, yes, very sore!

Tyler Christopher is on a commercial for Twilight Zone, and it makes me happy to see him, even if its for a moment. He started on GH. smile I have a special place in my heart for people who started on soaps and then went on to be popular and cool!

And Buffy is on. I just love this show, and I’m gonna miss it when it changes to whatever incarnation might happen next year.

I added a ton of plugins to the mt-plugins today, but haven’t had a chance to finish yet. It was nice and productive. smile

And that’s the end of my randomness for now butterfly


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Cool. Your site doesn’t crash Safari any more. I am using .67 now so that might be the reason...

I’m really scared to ask what a Prune Fill is. star

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