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say no to aol

Making A Mission Out Of Unsubscribing People From AOL

The old joke was that "friends don’t let friends use AOL". It’s no secret that there are a large number of people out there who hate AOL - and many of them are former customers. Here’s an article profiling a guy who, for seven years, has chronicled any bit of bad news about AOL, while also helping convince people to unsubscribe (while also giving detailed directions - since AOL doesn’t make it easy).

I still have an account, but on the low 3.95 or something service because I just haven’t had time to call and cancel. In the past, its taken over 3 hours to get ahold of a rep, so I’m not too anxious to do that. So this is a note for myself . . . I can just fax it in! "To cancel your AOL account, FAX 801-622-7969. Specify that you’re cancelling, give your full name, phone number and address, and either the primary billing contact’s AOL screenname or the last four digits of the current payment method."
[via Techdirt]


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Strangely enough, when I faxed in my cancellation, it got "lost" a couple times and the service continued for a couple more months. I didn’t realize it was still taking it out of my account and it bounce, bounce, bounced it’s way through my life.

Did I just admit aloud that I use AOL? Sheesh. blush

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