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common fonts

I do have some fonts sitting on my desktop waiting to be added, but I saw this and thought I’d post it now smile The TopStyle Off Topic newsgroup had a post this afternoon with an expanded list of font family group options, potentially for adding to the drop down in TopStyle when you pick fonts.

Suggested Font Family Lists:

  • "Courier New",Courier,monospace

  • "Lucida Console",Courier,monospace

  • Georgia,Times,serif

  • "Bookman Old Style","New York",serif

  • "Times New Roman",Times,serif

  • "Century Gothic",Charcoal,sans-serif

  • Tahoma,Geneva,sans-serif

  • Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif

  • Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif

  • "Trebuchet MS",Helvetica,sans-serif

  • "Comic Sans MS",cursive

  • "Monotype Corsiva",cursive

The poster collected the info from these sites: Browser News: Resources - Fonts and Windows font survey results (the later of the two, I believe I’ve posted before).


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I learned alot bout assuming everyone has the same fonts when I started using Linux instead of just Windows.

17% of my site readers are not running a Windows OS so I can’t assume on standard Windows fonts.

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