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I spent all evening yesterday working on tax stuff for my mom. Ugh. Like 8 hours of staring at this crap. I have it mostly done now, but its frustrating to work on.

So needless to say, I’m behind in everything else, including my napping. And there’s bank statements all over my desk! And piles of email and piles and piles. smile

I need a secretary :giggle:


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I need a secretary too, damn it! Especially since I’m still feeling under the weather. Secretaries for both of us! laughing

It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, having a secretary. sad That said, I’d work for you myself in a heartbeat! smile

How much do you pay? wink

I’m looking for a cabana boy myself... wink

I think you should start accepting apps. Heck I’d work for free. You just have to keep me happily ensconced in skins and code for my blog. ;)

You guys better watch out, I might start giving out assignments. laughing
Jenni, I’ve got a box of froot loops, I could throw a handful of those at you ;) And M, you know I’m already promising skins for you. LOL!

I’d love to be your secretary. You’d be the funniest and nicest boss I’ve ever had! smile And being paid in skins and code would make me more than happy. LOL

taxes are awful. all of those itty bitty lines where if you make a mistake you have to fill out the whole silly form again. ack and ugh. three times over. hang in there!

Bring it on girlie. ;)

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