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beth orton and roswell

On Roswell last night, they ended the episode with a Beth Orton song, "She Crys Your Name". I downloaded it because I loved it! I’ve had it on repeat off and on all morning smile She’s got such a beautiful voice. I’m checking out her discography to see what else I might like from her. Anybody have any recommendations?

The episode was aptly named "Cry Your Name" [episode review], and was really sad, but really well down considering the actor who played Alex was leaving the series.

Anyhow, it reminded me (again) how much I love the music on this show. Some of my favorite songs happen to be in the time period that Roswell was on, and they played some great ones in the eps. (see Roswell MP3s for song lists.) smile And it reminded me that I still want the Roswell Soundtrack :giggle: E may laugh at me, but some of these TV show soundtracks are just the greatest mixes. smile

So that’s some of what I’ve done this morning. Now back to the bigger things (ie plugin manager stuff!!!) smile


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I love Beth Orton! Definitely look for "Sweetest Decline" - it’s my favorite. I also love "Water From A Vine Leaf", which she did with William Orbit. Let me know what you think!

Beth orton is no doubt the best singer in the world singing about love,life,deciet and personal expieriance.she inspired me in her song "paris Train". yours matt...

Central Reservation is her best album in my opinion. Let me know if you need it and I’ll be happy to pass it on smile

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