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and my sermon...

Some days, I have to put my writing energy in to something I’m very passionate about. manual thoughts (my post is near the end of the thread). Maybe I got a big longwinded and carried away. But hey, that’s my big thoughts for the evening. Let’s see how much I get flamed for this one. confused


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I think what you wrote was really good! You weren’t rude or anything ... you just made your thoughts and feelings known. AND ... you were 100% right! smile

I don’t think there is any reason for you to get flamed. You were polite as always. The guy is a twit anyways. How could a manual possibly be written to suit all users, and their respective "capablities". I myself would like you to come out with the "Special Needs" version for myself! ha! ha!

Some of us just appreciate free software, and free help!

I agree with the others that there’s no reason for you to get flamed for politely disagreeing with someone. Of course, I agree with you, so maybe I’m just biased. :giggle: I get a lot of use out of my manual. smile

you know, i’ve been reading the forums more often lately and i’ve noticed that there are some people you’ll just never please and he is one of them. even if he does flame you, which he has no right to do, i, and i think the majority of the rest of the users of mt as well as the people who frequent the forums, agree with you wholeheartedly. he really has no right complaining as it is.....mt is still a free product.....there’s no guarantee of anything with it (even understanding of the manual), so i wonder why he feels he has the right to criticize any of it. that’s just silly.

Reb is right, it’s one of those things you read and forget. Those types of people need to try and impose their superiority on SOMETHING, it just happened to be MT that day. It was read and forgotten... MT loves ya back smile

I have to say, I read the whole thread, and all I saw was a bunch of people saying that they love MT (me too!) and one person trying to squeeze in the fact that he thought he could write better docs because he’s already written docs he could understand (kind of circular, no?) . I thought you all were very gracious in your responses. By the way, Jennifer at fortysomething.ca has started an Unofficial MT FAQ category over at her tips blog - that should help with the RTFM questions smile

good work kristine. i love MT, i am no where in your ballpark of understanding how it works but i am never afraid to ask my questions. thank you for being so wonderful!

Nobody should flame you for that post. You said what you felt, without being rude. I feel exactly the same way as you - I spend a lot of time helping out at a particular forum and answering emails so that the person that wrote the original program can continue to work on the new version without getting bogged down in the mundane everyday "how do I do this" questions. We frequently get people who tell us they can do a better job (funny thing is when we say fine, go for it...they never do)!

the same goes with every single thing on this planet! if there are manuals/instructions/guides/booklets, you name it, someone will always nitpick. i support software for my company and every.single.day i get the same question. i wish i could say... could you please RTFM, but i’d get fired.

i don’t see it on the pMachine forums... then again, the user base is not that big. the manual is easy to read, i get a lot of use out of it, but there are those who just want handouts.

brava, Kristine! some people just need to be put into their place.

OH theres a dyslexic version? Please.. where? smile Just kidding, Im getting the hang of it after a year but still rely on you and others to help clear the fog when things get messy. (((((hugs for you))))) just had too.

you are much more diplomatic than i would have been.. i get so mad at people who complain about the manual so much when there is a *wonderful* support forum.. pssht.. smile

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