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walk and dinner

I have a feeling I’ve tried too hard to do things today. But I have a cleaner floor in the office, I made my first trip to the mailbox for weeks, took a shower, and I have spinach casserole in the offen oven. My legs didn’t like the walk or the trips up and down the stairs. My head didn’t like the walk, and is quite spinny. And I forgot to eat a snack this afternoon, so my hands are shakey. I did take a 1.5 hour nap this morning, and rested on the couch for a while this afternoon, so that’s good smile Its sure nice to have a few things done, and I’m excited about dinner because this is one of my fav meals smile


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Make sure you don’t overdo it girlie. Okay? I wonder if I could get A to the spinach casserole... hmm...

Recipes like that make me wish that I could get Matt to eat spinach. He claims to like vegetables, but they must not be the ones I know about. ;)

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