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a few good fonts

A quick update before bed, because I want to clean a few things off of my new-pretty-desktop image that I just made wink

After seeing today’s font of the day at fontface, I snatched a bunch of new fonts at The Planet—I like them all!
From Fontface: I also had Cornfed waiting to be saved (and if I hadn’t already had Pretty Baby, I would have snatched that too!)
From Pizza Dude: School Bully is new, and a great handwriting font, which is one of my very favorite kinds. I kinda like DietRiot, his new purchase font too.

for more great font stuff, be sure you’ve checked out the fonts:organized page smile


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OMG, you so rule!

I love they way you organized the fonts!

[I’m not worthy!]


And she does it again... ;)

Note to Self: Buy more CD-RWs, because you’re going to need them.

Thank you! (I think)

Have you ever tried Typograf for font organization? Not a free program, but I love it. I make a font group folder whenever I design a new site and immediately have all the fonts for that site a mouseclick away when I need them. I have a lousy memory (I also have over 5,000 fonts), so this saves me having to struggle to remember the name of a certain font. Even so, I still have my fonts organized very similar to what you have, so that I can open just a particular fontstyle folder with Typograf when I’m looking for ideas.

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