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Buffy’s 'angel' To Take On Superman Hello! Feb 28 2003 4:33PM ET

While Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Sarah Michelle Gellar has decided to hang up her stakes, things are looking lively for her beau David Boreanaz. The hunky actor, who plays Angel in the popular series of the same name, has been signed up to play Superman in a new 80-million film about the comic book hero.

Woooooo!!!! No way, I wouldn’t have even guessed this was a possiblity! A few years ago, I heard that Nicolas Cage was up for this role, and I thought that sounded quite an odd pick. Then this week, it was announced that the top contender, Josh Hartnett, dropped out of the running and that the main choices now were Brenden Fraser, Paul Walker, and GL’s Matthew Bomer. So this is the first time I’ve heard David Boreanez as even an alternative. Can you imagine the sexy superman looks he will have? yummmmmm...

One news source says the movie is supposed to be released in 2004. Of course, I’ll feel more informed when a bigger entertainment service confirms this.... I’ve never heard of Hello!


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Three words come to mind about this...

mmmm mmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm


He’s long been my favorite male actor. I cannot wait to see this! Thanks for the info. smile

are you kidding me? wow! this is great news! i’ve been so depressed about Buffy ending that this news is just all too great. i heard rumors before that DB was in the running for Superman, but now i’m off to read the article. thanks for linking it! i was just about to go to bed and now that i’ve seen this, sleep can wait a few more minutes! smile

YUM! That’s all I have to say about that. wink

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