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officially insane

So mom called this morning to tell me she has a tax appointment on Wednesday and was there any way I could finish up the statements before then? Ugh. I’ve been so sick the last few weeks since she gave them to me that I hadn’t barely looked at them. So I’ve spent a good part of the day working on that. This was not the way I should be recovering from my migraine of last night.

So I have more to do on them tomorrow. She’s coming over after school (she’s taking nursing classes at the community college) and we are gonna go over what we have. Its gonna take at least one more meeting to go over this stuff if she really wants to make her appointment.

And there’s a bunch of freakin' stupid things to be entered in. Mistakes, NSF checks that require multiple adjusting entries, and things in the wrong account. And my brain just isn’t connecting the way it normally has when doing this. I mean, I used to be the queen of knowing what I was doing and how it all effected each other. And now its a challenged to do a reversing entry that’s a bit more complex than normal. That makes me feel kinda stupid. Megan said that I just need to remember that all of that is in my brain, I’m just not able to get at it right now because of this illness.

And now, I’m answering some questions on the forums before bed to cheer myself up after the evil work I was doing smile I’m silly that way smile

Thanks everybody who said such nice things about my newest layout. Every time I open my page, it makes me feel sunshiney and very happy, so its a good one smile


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