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If you notice any oddness on any of my domains, would ya let me know? E is much smarter than me, and figured out my htaccess stuff that I couldn’t seem to get working with all the subdomains and addon domain combinations... I *think* its all working now. Take that, you direct linker scum!!! laughing


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How did you stop the direct linking/hotlinking in your .htaccess?

I tried Blogomania’s hotlink protection but all that seems to do is break the link (it doesn’t display my little message to thieves either).

I seem to be taking a lot of Hits that way. I am at 1000GB this month with only 4300 hits. On my old host I was at ~7K hits before I reached 900MB/month.

Any hep you can offer would be appreciated.

Man, that sucks! I hope that you’ve successfully shut down the bandwidth thief!

I come from a simple world of self taught HTML. I know nothing of these wondrous things called 'HTACCESS' etc.......but what I can say is that when viewing your page in Netscape 7, it doesn’t fit the screen..........one has to use a horizontal scroll bar to get one from one side to the other....shurely shome mishtake? smile

Apart from that - very nice place you have heresmile

Dr P...

Interesting. I had one direct linker. It was one of those graffiti web sites where posters are encouraged to create their own "art." One of his posters had direct linked one of my images for a background. His web site is now gone and it’s one of those search engine pages.

hope you get everything sorted out. i have been gone all weekend and i just got back to a rockin new skin. this is really wonderful kristine!

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