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Broadband Is A Human Right - In Kentucky

Broadband Is A Human Right - In Kentucky

According to this article, broadband internet access has been added to the list of "inalienable rights" for residents of the state of Kentucky. Basically, this just means that all new low-income housing built in the state needs to include a high speed internet connection along side the other basic utilities.

[via Techdirt]

See, now that makes sense smile  With so much available online, making sure that new housing developments have access to high speed internet can’t be a bad thing.  But do you suppose that Kentucky homes don’t already have cable as a basic necessity when building homes?  Every house I’ve lived in in the later parts of my life has been cable-ready, and so if KY is already creating cable boxes, they are half-way there to this new ruling... now they just need to insure that there is a broadband company in that area, right?  Is there broadband that doesn’t use cable?  Mine comes out of the same box on the wall as my cable TV.  But maybe mine is more unusual.  LOL, who knows smile

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Completely off subject, but you love me anyway... ;)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tiny Valentime

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s day, hon! smile

Happy Valentines Day !!

happy valentine’s day, Kristine!!! smile

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie! *smooch*

happy valentine’s day smile

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from the 8 of us. smile

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