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Roswell songs tonight

Roswell Mp3s: Season 2: Episode 23, "Skin and Bones" - There were several great songs on Roswell tonight—Kyptonite and Lucky are already favs of mine, but I think Sour Girl is new to me. The aforemented site has info about when the songs were played and downloads of the mp3s. Very cool!


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Oh, I like Sour Girl. I’ve like that one ever since I saw Making The Video on MTV or VH1, and saw that it had Sarah Michelle Gellar in it. smile

hey i need help with a song, hope you can help. it’s from the 3rd season on the dvd boxset. it’s the episode chanting babylon and it’s the scene where liz is sitting by herself contemplating her life without max and then maria comes and tells her, he is dead. the same song plays at the end of the episode too, plz help!

hey does anyone know the name of the song that plays on the very last episode when matt and michael are saying goodbye in the desertconfused? I be forever in your debt!!!

does ne1 know the song which is playin on roswell series 3 episode: who died and made you king, the dvd version. It’s played when isabel and jesse are in the junkyard any help would be appreciated.

does any one know the song in the episode max in the city season 2 when hes taking the summit test
confused? this is also the song only on the dvd’s so it is not the song by radiohead,hope someone knows this , thanx

Does anyone know the song on the first DVD box set, at the end of the second ep. where maria picks isab. from the desert and they go back to school. Thanks Nedd help

help! does any1 no the name of the song that alex did his striptease to in the 2nd season??

i really want to know the name of one song

it appeared in Roswell season 1 ' Independance day'
when michael is outside the window of maria, standing in the rain.......that song is really great

although i didn’t know the name of that song for years...

thanks so much if someone can tell me
although i’m not sure if this pageis still active...

please, is anyone familiar with the song played in the final season when Liz is on the bus heading towards New England...if so would you email me? Thanks

let me know if anyone can tell me the song that’s playing when Future Max and Liz are dancing on the balcony before he disappears

hey can anyone tell me the song name that goes "it takes alot of love my friend" when lizz and max were saying goodbye in the car wen max’s had to leave with tess

Does anyone know the name of this song on Roswell? It goes something like "where this love leads, I will follow." It’s a female, and the closest thing I could find was a james taylor song.

Does anyone know the song where Isabel, Max and Michael find a picture of the dome house in the back of a book Max is reading...Michael draws and paints the dome a lot in this episode... if you could tell me the name ogf the song i would appreciate it very much.............Thank you!

Melissa, yes I know the name of the song. Its called "Where this love goes" by Sherri Youngward.

The song playing during Alex’s strip tease dance for Isabel’s was C'mon 'n ride it - by Quad City Dj

The song that future Max, and Liz were dancing to was called I shall believe by Sheryl Crow. (even though they mentioned the name of the song like a hundred times in that episode.)

I have season 3 on dvd, and I downloaded season 2, but I haven’t watched all the episodes of season 2 yet, and it’s been awhile since I’ve watched season 1 or 3.. So if there’s a song that you want, just email me. and I will try to help

The song were max and liz are in the car when he leaving is called my oh my by David Grey. i love that song

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