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Brandy just got cable internet, and reminded me about LAUNCHcast, so I thought I’d add more variety to my music today instead of just clicking play on my Christian girls mix. 1--these speakers suck. E gave me some to try out before gifting them to his parents for Christmas, and they were so much nicer smile 2--the launchcast popup won’t open in Mozilla, so I had to load up IE. That’s probably why I hadn’t tried it for a while because I’d forgotten about it since I didn’t bother adding it to my portal that’s always up in Moz.

But its kinda nice to hear some new songs. Edwin McCain is on now, and he has a nice soothing voice. I haven’t heard a single Christian song, even though that’s the highest ranked category in my profile. But I did hear Jonatha, which was surprising because she’s not as mainstream as the other artists that have come on. I wasn’t in the mood for Metalica or Aerosmith this morning, so I flipped past those (even though I do like them at times).

But what this all reminded me? That I need to sort my songs in my M: drive and just start listening to a few new mixes :giggle: Combine some of the artists from my Lilith folder with my Christian folder, and I’ll be happy for days. smile


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Kristine, you are going to love todays All My Children. It’s a riot. laughing

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