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Some days, when I start coding, I totally lose track of time and everything. I know that if I just keep typing and debugging and finishing my thoughts, I’ll have a wonderful masterpiece. But in the process, my email piles up and I don’t cook. Oops...

This is going to be awesome, though. I’m very happy with how its turning out, and its going to save me time and be helpful to the people using it. smile Whee! I love PHP smile

I need to get better at concatination and knowing when to use . or } or " in my strings. I’ve got it down for echoing, but strings are a bit less intuative so far!!


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If you haven’t already, you should check out heredoc strings, as they are very convinent, and also possibly faster.

See now, this is why I never tell people I’m working on something and/or planning to change things --- the suspense gets me every time! Aaaaaagh! lol! tounge out

The second I start telling people I’m working on something is the second that the time between "Start" and "Finish" triples! smile

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