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headache for days

I’m so tired of this freakin' headache. I’ve had it for days now, and it gets worse when I move around. Which means that when I try to make dinner, I get worse. Grrr... Rest and drugs don’t seem to be helping, its just there. It means that any projects I’m working on take twice as long.

When people say "My head is spinning", you don’t really believe them, do you? I feel like my head is spinning!! And my scalp actually tingles (yes, for days).

yes, I’m a big whiner. Don’t mind me, I’m going back to the couch to play. Then I can lay my head on the side of the couch and let Jax and Daxter do the jumping around. I did go and mix up the stuff for the Vegeburgers, and E just might have to make them into patties and cook them himself sad Poor boy has been doing SO much for me this week, and I feel so guilty. :sigh:


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*hug* Don’t feel guilty about not feeling well.

Maybe it’s a rebound headache... they can mimic the migraines... be worse then them sometimes. The only thing that helps is not taking the drugs.

Big gentle hugs, sweetie!

hope you feel better, kristine.. and don’t feel guilty, silly girl..

I know it’s easier to say than to do, but try to lay off that guilt. I’m praying for you and hoping that the headache leaves you alone soon. I get horrible migraines at times, so I do have at least a bit of an idea what you mean.

Hug for you hon!! You poor girl! I’m there with ya today...I sure hope yours is better!

I seem to remember "through sickness and health" being a part of my wedding vows, and I’m sure it was a part of yours too. ;) E signed on for it honey. He loves you so very much that I’m sure it’s his pleasure to help you out on your bad days. That said, I hope you feel better soon.


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