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dar on atwt

Even after the anger, it all turned silent and
The every day turned solitary; so we came to February

The end of ATWT today had a beautiful tune in the background and then a few little words. The voice sounded quite a bit like someone I knew, but I didn’t recognize the words. So I typed in the few words I heard into google and sure 'nuf, it was Dar Williams.

Of course, I hopped over to my zalary-love ’s link to her Dar lyrics site and snatched the few lines I had heard because they were nice smile

I love it when I recognize an artist that’s not as easily recognizable smile


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Help! I need an ATWT update - did Molly sleep with Jack?

Wasn’t it just beautiful? (and how about Molly’s beautiful underwear?)

i love that song. so beautiful and rather melancholy. makes me want to curl up on the couch in front of the fire with a mug of hot chocolate and watch the snow fall. smile but, we have no fireplace, we are out of groceries because we were out of town all weekend so no hot cocoa, and i live in CA so no snow. bummer. smile enjoy....she is awesome in concert by the way.

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