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soap news

Just doing a bit of surfing to catch up on my soap news. Wanna follow along? ;)

Cady McClain extends ATWT stay

Her stay was supposed to be short-term—but that was nearly a year ago. With her one-year anniversary as As The World Turns' Rosanna Cabot approaching, Cady McClain has reportedly inked a deal that will keep her in Oakdale for at least another year.

Wooo! I love her. I loved her on AMC, and even though the role is so different on ATWT, she is amazing. Her storyline with Craig can only get more interesting, IMO!
Former Jake Interested In Reprising Role
According to a show insider, Michael Lowry (ex-Jake Martin) approached All My Children executives about returning to the show.

Okay, so I thought he was SO much sexier than the current Jake. Nothing against J.Eddie Peck, but I really liked Michael Lowry. I particularly enjoyed the chemistry he had with Tad (Michael E. Knight) and Gillian (Esta Terblache), even though I couldn’t love her with anybody but Ryan (Cameron Matheson). smile
While I was over there, I read about Gillian and Ryan’s last days on the show. Wow, I had no idea how that storyline went, and now I see why Kendall is heartbroken.

And, on the entertainment front, I had fun checking out Hollywood’s New A-List—includes Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst, and Drew Barrymore among my favs of the list. I highly disagree with the inclusion of J.Lo on the list. But everybody else is great. smile


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Wow, cool...thanks for the heads up, I wondered if that would happen when I heard J. Eddie Peck was out as Jake...I like this new Jake, but I agree about the chemistry between Michael Lowry and Michael Knight. smile

I hate J.Lo with a passion! I just do not understand the fascination with that woman. At all. Ick. Pooey.

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