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news feeders

OJR article: News That Comes to You

"Aggregators, because of their instantaneous nature, are addictive. It is hard to start the day without checking what’s new."

This article has a bunch of info about different news readers and is a good overview if you are just learning about RSS smile

It mentions Lisa ’s fav, NewzCrawler, Morbus' (a MT poster) AmphetaDesk, and a couple I’m not so familiar with: FeedReader and Aggie.

I’ve been using TrillianPro’s Newsreader plugin, but I think I’d like to have something that I could see the updates that have happened since I last checked. So I’m still looking for something to work with my habits smile

This post is brought to you by the letters miss m'lissa and Z ;)


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I have people whose feeds I check before work and the rest wait for me to get home. Otherwise, I’d never get into work. It makes this whole blog reading experience much simpler.

I love RSS. I’ve recently discovered Fyuze, have you heard of it?

Ooh, thanks chickie. I’ll read this article tomorrow. I’m not so positive Trillian is working for me as I’d like it to. I might just have to give Lisa’s NewzCrawler another try. (It scared me the first time with all the info it shows... lol. Shhh, don’t tell her. ;) )

Jay from jayallen.org wrote a GREAT post a week or so ago about how to set up stuff for people that are using news readers. I’ll look for it this weekend because I need to fix my feed anyways - so I’ll be sure to post about it too! smile

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