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Baby names!

I do so love baby name books, and when I was looking for one for Leonard and Sarah, I actually found one that’s a new copy of one that I checked out of the library for fun on many occassions! So it looked like the best of the bunch smile Anybody else need some ideas? ;) Amazon.com: The Very Best Baby Name Book in the Whole Wide World smile


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I checked that one out of my library a million times when I was a kid! I also liked Beyond Jennifer and Jason, and I see there’s a new version of it out now too. Kristine, have I ever mentioned that you’re just super cool? You are! smile

I also adore baby name books. I have Beyond Jennifer and Jason, too, which is a good one. The best one I’ve found by far, though, is called What Shall We Name the Baby? edited by Winthrop Ames. The battered, dog-eared edition my parents gave me is from 1974. It has great info in it, though, including how to make sure first and last names sound good together syllable-wise.

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