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bandwidth stealers

Well, even though my stats on my site have been having problems (support says its something with log rotation?), I had a few hits to go through, and finally got tired of it and just changed some filenames. . . . Why must people link directly to images? Do you think they don’t know its wrong or they can’t read where it says "UPLOAD TO YOUR OWN SITE" or what?....

but :giggle: it made me laugh to change some of the filenames as put a crappy bandwidth image in its place. I suppose THAT might get their attention!!!

(and yes, I know that I should be able to block these people with htaccess, but with my addon domains, I screw something up every time I try to add on this feature. So for now, until I figure out WHY I’m screwing things up, this will have to work!)


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ooooh. I love it.

Good on ya! smile

I’m rolling! I love it. smile

*giggles* I love your thief image. Stealers are bad, simply bad people.

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