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Trillian Pro plugins

Like I said the other day, I finally broke down and got Trillian Pro. So far, I haven’t used it for much chatting, but the tools I have used it for are excellent. I love programs with plugins
that enhance them! The Newsreader is great, and the combination of the
Notification plugin ("Configurable contact notification plug-in with support for login, logout, away and back.") and the Winamp plugin (" This plugin integrates a Winamp toolbar, aliases, events and alerts.") makes a great pair because as I’m sitting here listening to music, it pops up above my toolbar what the current song is, and that makes me happy when I’m listening to new stuff in a mix! Same for the RSS Feed reader (" This plugin implements RSS 0.9x news feeds and alerts.") and the notification popup. It pops up when one of my links updates their blog smile

"Now Playing: Rebecca St. James - OK"

I snatched the weather plugin too, but those were the only 4 that I was really excited about. They don’t have a huge selection yet. Oh, but my skin from the free Trillian still works, and that makes me happy! smile


The default skin, Trillian Whistler, has lots of animated emoticons. Check 'em out...

(argh) (blink) (bounce) (drool) (drums) (drunk) (eek) (fail) (food2) (giggle) (headphones) (hug) LMAO LOL (nod) (poke) (puke) ROFL (rolleyes) (talk) (think) (wave) (woot) (worship) (yum) *-) (i) confused I-) (l) (wrong)

drunk, blink, hug and (l) - a beating heart, are the best. laughing

Have fun!

I love Trillian, but I haven’t been able to look at Trillian Pro yet. The main feature I want is the feedreader - how do you like the way that functions?

You linked to chosenOS - is that your skin?! I love that one.

I’ve been using Trillian Pro since September. I love it! It was well worth the tiny investment. You know, I might have paid for AOL’s instead if they had offered an ICQ-compatible version without ads....

What the fuck is this?

I’m not sure if my post went up, but I’ve been unable to download a specific plugin for trillian pro, and I was wondering if someone could email it to me at Irken89@yahoo.com...thanks!

Oops...I forgot to say what plugin I was hoping someone might be able to get me. Could someone please send me the Spellcheck Plugin for Trillian Pro at Irken89@yahoo.com...thanks again!

Could you also send me the spellcheck plug-in? Thanks, it’s appreciated.

Oh, sorry, almost forgot, my email is otohimelord@hotmail.com, thanks again!

Could anyone send me the spell check plugin also? email lucent@cox.net.

Could anyone send me the spell check plugin also? drrayan99@yahoo.com

Could someone send me the spell check pluggin also? I would be MOST gracious!!

can u send the winamp plugin to me??


You should look at the new plug in called Trilly Tunes and the improved RSS reader plugin by the same author called Good News..

There are some 40 plus plugins now, you just have to look on the internet not just on Trillian.cc’s website...


Emmanuel Lemor.