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Allyson on Angel

Sci Fi Wire—Willow To Visit Angel

Alyson Hannigan, who plays Willow on UPN’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, told SCI FI Wire that her character will cross over onto The WB’s spinoff series Angel in an upcoming episode. "Iím doing Angel tomorrow," Hannigan said in an interview at the Jan. 22 premiere of Darkness Falls, starring Buffy regular Emma Caulfield. "I donít think I can actually say [what Willow is doing in L.A.], but a little crossover is happening." It’ll mark Hannigan’s first appearance on Angel since she became engaged to Angel regular Alexis Denisof over the 2002 holidays.

Woo! That will be a fun episode! I love crossovers, but I didn’t think we’d ever get another (with the whole "we are on different networks" problem!)


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Woo, crossover! (I’m still disappointed that Alexis Denisof got her before I did, ha.) It’s been long time since we’ve had any crossovers.

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