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bridezilla show

Bride Support Group Upset Over FOX Special—Bridezilla is an upcoming tv show...

"The Bridezilla idea distorts what is really going on," says Arlene Cronk, founder of the Boston-based Bridal Survival Club that has been helping women maintain their sanity while walking down the aisle since 2001 and offers advice on such weighty subjects as whether or not a woman should change her name once married and how to deal with her (and his) mother when trying make clear what they want.

"Bridezillas" features brides-to-be so determined to make sure that nothing gets in the way of their special day that manners get thrown out the window when it comes to everyone around them, including future spouses. However, Cronk insists that brides are put into an impossible situtation full of stress when planning the perfect wedding, starting with society encouraging them to picture the perfect walk down the aisle at an early age, long before Mr. Right has even entered the picture.

Hee hee, I think that might be fun actually wink


Since when are greedy women who spend way too much money and time on a wedding a oppressed group?

So how come there are no magazines for Grooms? I mean I can’t get a subscription to Modern Grooms

good grief.... I planned my wedding in 3 weeks, and even then I didn’t become insane.

We took the easy way out...we ELOPED! LOL!!!

Oh, stress, schmess! I’m looking forward to watching this show just for a laugh... and for the record, I’ve never felt the pressure to picture a "perfect walk down the aisle", ever..! Growing up I never thought the pinnacle of my adult life would hinge on one day spent wearing a floofy dress and saying some vows. Our wedding was "planned" in half an hour 2 weeks in advance and took about five minutes. I don’t understand the women that go kind of nuts over making sure it’s the best day of their lives. Sheesh..!