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So today hasn’t been the best day healthwise. I had a pretty bad headache this morning, so I climbed back into bed after my shower and some Crispex. And I’ve been cold ever since. Its 43 degrees and must be at least 15 downstairs. (LOL, so maybe that’s exaggeration—but its cold)

I’ve gotten a few things done—not as much as yesterday when I did get my site design done, the picture yourself submit form updated, and a bunch of stuff done on the next generation of the plugin directory with David.

But today hasn’t been nearly as productive. I did go ahead and follow miss m'lissa and my zalary-love ’s suggestions on Trillian Pro. I’m still downloading some plugins, but I’ll let ya know what I think when I’m done smile

I have water boiling downstairs so I can make stuffed shells for dinner. My headache still isn’t quite done, but I’m hungry and need some substantial food for dinner! I had an apple and pieces of cheese for a snack an hour ago because I was shaking. I think that means my blood sugar was low, but I need to learn to control that because its been happening more often.

According to my control panel, my bandwidth has been high this month, but I’m not sure where the extra traffic is coming from because my stats are screwed up. Silly stats. Hopefully they’ll get fixed quickly! I do have my refer list, but its harder to compare it than just looking at my server stats! Speaking of that, I still have more things I want to play with that so I can release a tutorial on stats for individual archives.

Okay, off I go to make dinner. Lets hope the heat has warmed it up a bit down there!


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Some days are productive, and others aren’t. If every day were productive, you wouldn’t appreciate them as much. ;)

I’m glad you got Trill Pro. Let me know your sn and I’ll add you to my buddy list. (It’s an esteemed list, let me tell you... ;) )

Have a good dinner.

I’m thinking that I might have to upgrade to Trillian Pro myself. Nothing like jumping on a bandwagon. ;)

smile nicest weblog i’ve seen blushblushflowerflowerflower

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