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open faced turkey

Have I mentioned lately how much I love open faced turkey sandwiches? I don’t think I’d ever had them until I lived at school and they had them in the cafeteria. Of course, that was the vegetarian version. Here’s how I do them. Mashed potatoes. (cooking downstairs now). Slices of bread, cut in half (in triangles). Slices of vege-turkey lunch meat, cut in half. Make up a package of easy turkey gravy (powdered, just add water). Put 4 halfs of bread and turkey around the plate so you have a diamond shape in the center to put a nice big pile of potatoes. Make a spoon mark in the center of the potato pile and cover with turkey gravy. Voila! Instant happyness and smiles will follow wink

I’ve since gotten a chance to have the real version of this at several diner-like places, and I love that just as much. But this is easier since (1) we have the turkey lunch meat and (2) then I can make E eat it (vegetarianness!!!)



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I’m a veggie too, but I’ve never had good vege-turkey. What kind do you get? smile

On a side note, Gardenburgers bacon rocks. ::nods::

Well, its not exactly a perfect turkey taste, but its pretty good smile Worthington is the brand name (no pictures, but you can see their products here). Some health food stores have it, and we get it at our local Adventist Book Center. You probably have something like that in your area, but all ABCs don’t have food. But they have a wide variety of vegetarian products—fri-chik, vegeburger, and other stuff that I’ve been introduced to since I went to college and then married a vegetarian!!! smile

oooh... that sounds soooo good right now! Curse my low-carb diet!

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