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happy full desktop

In my afternoon surfing, I downloaded a few new fonts because there were several sites with updates that I hadn’t gotten around to checking out yet. Want to see what? (tee hee to Kymberlie and miss m'lissa who I’m torturing by making them see new fonts to download wink )

PizzaDude! has Hold Your Breath out as a new freeware font.
Font Face’s last 7 days has some great ones - I love Mighty Tomato and can’t wait to find a use for it.
DINC’s newest free font, Emmanuel, is really pretty.
I’m super tempted to buy Astigmatic’s volume 1—14 fonts that are all wonderful. I think I might just have to do that.

Do you want more? Check out my font organization directory smile


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Did you see my post about the P22 Font Club? How awesome would that be?

Thanks for the links! I have to feed the font addiction every so often or I go through withdrawal. smile I agree that Mighty Tomato is great, and I’m finding some at DINC that I don’t have as well. I’ve either missed that site completely in the past or haven’t been there in a long time. Time to play! smile



Ooooh—I blogged about fonts earlier this week after watching last Friday’s "Call For Help". Did you see GimmeFonts.com yet?

Be sure to check out the free fonts at Chank.com, as well as the Chank Army’s free fonts. Chank also produces some interesting artwork (we have a couple of his alphabets).

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