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tv grid

Web Sweepings - It’s Always Something by Stephanie Sherrod

... I seriously considered making a spreadsheet in Excel (sort of like a big monthly TV Guide chart) to hang up on my living room wall...

:giggle: I can laugh because one year in school, me and my friends did this and taped it to the side of our TV ;) Funny article - go and read it smile


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I’ve got my TV shows on my calendar, otherwise I forget them. That’s just how it is. smile And now Seymour says, "Did you hear that? Fleamarket Finds, 8pm Friday on HGTV, did you write that down? HGTV, OK, honey? I won’t be home by then, so you gotta write it down? Do I need to tape it for you?"

I need TiVo, but I just can’t afford it right now.

... but, I don’t watch reality TV like Joe Millionaire. Or any of those shows. Nope, nope, nope.

Hmmm. I use a chalkboard to record anything out of the ordinary, like figure-skating. Other than that, I don’t watch enough TV to need a grid. I know my list since there are only two shows I watch weekly, and they’re one after the other on Saturday. smile

Holy crap, Seth has issues. BIG monster issues. His issues are so big, they have issues. That’s insane.

I used to have a weekly schedule for TV shows at night. I had something every single night, except for one, I think. I watched all of them religiously with my TV Buddy. I wouldn’t go out, unless I could be back by the time my show started. (Yeah, can you tell I have an obsessive personality?) I’m only into Alias right now, but I can totally see myself slipping back into it. I miss Buffy, Angel and all the rest...

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