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groovy stargate

I had lots of fun watching a back-in-time episode of Stargate we taped this week - GateWorld - Stargate SG-1 Season Two: '1969'. The team goes back into 1969, and all sorts of fun ensues! I would venture to say that this was one of my favorite fun ones I’ve seen. I mean, there are other good serious ones, but this one was fun smile

We have 3 more episodes before we are done with this tape (last monday’s eps—end of season 2 and the beginning of season 3), and then 3 special eps from friday night that are from the current season (6) in prep for next friday’s new episode. I think we are a bit behind :giggle: That’s okay, its fun to catch up smile

Anyhow, I started to post this to say that I really like the Gateworld site - its as indepth as my wellloved Buffy Guide smile I don’t know why more shows don’t have great sites like this. LOL, yes I do - its a lot of work, but still wink I still have yet to find a Charmed site that is this perfect yet. And I love being able to figure out what’s going on in syndicated episodes smile


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Do you have any other good web site recommendations for Buffy?

I loved that episode too! They rename Teal'c "Murray" in that didn’t they? smile

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