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randomness from mailbox

I’m cleaning out my hotmail address, where I get a lot of newsletters between the crap, so you’ll have to bear with me as I share some fun stuff ;)

Including a few TV notes, as I’ve felt December was particularly long without many new shows on...
WB: Calendars—Nice picture of Wesley!
New 7th Heaven this monday
If you love Stargate and Farscape and are looking forward to new episodes starting next friday, you might have fun tonight watching the latest new episodes from the first half of the season—get more info at SciFi Friday.

I’m not the only one switching to Mozilla - The Screensavers show notes give some great switching tips.

FAQTS knowledgebase - I’ve found this one in google searches for Javascript things on occassion - now I see it has a PHP knowledgebase too!

Top Ten Resolutions for your PC - I need reminders to do these cleanup operations, although now that I have Norton Utilities, I’m better about it smile

That’s all for now, the hotmail box is much cleaner smile


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ooh, I love this design!

I also adore the show '7th heaven' ... it’s great! plus, I always get the urge to fold and put away my laundry after watching it. smile

have a good weekend!

What no porn in the mailbox? smile

I’ve set Mozilla as my default now. I just wish it would start up as quickly as IE does! smile

p.s. Love the icy look!

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